Tokyo Super Illusion
the beginning

“Tokyo Super Illusion” was organized by “The Japan Art Education Promotion Association” in 2006, for the purpose of producing performances in Europe and The U.S.A. The show was produced perfectly from the very beginning. We acquired this skill by studying the “Masquerade” in Venezia , Italy, which is one of the best carnivals in the world. We performed our show in Italy and in France to a highly impressed audience.




Those in attendance were amazed.
Although Tokyo Super Illusion performs mainly in Europe,we successfully finished a performance on Broadway(U.S.A.),receiving a standing ovation from the audience.By means of an exquisitely crafted venetian royal court backdrop,we produced a mystical world of illusion.“The Japan Art Education Promotion Association”production has performed in 28 countries and 520 cities.5,600,000 people have watched our show(as of July, 2019).


directed by F. Michelle In 2014,we commissioned French Director Michelle,to produce our show. After meticulously revising our stage props, backdrops, music and costumes, we were successful in establishing our own unique brand of production. Michelle stayed in Japan for 1 month,diligently coaching our stage performance. This invaluable experience became a unique opportunity for our artists to establish a new fresh sensitivity within themselves. Michelle said his job was to bring out the best in“Tokyo Super Illusion” He showed us how to produce fascinating shows by bringing out the beauty of the performance. He says the goal is to make“Illusion entertainment" synonymous with“Tokyo Super Illusion”



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